Monday, September 20, 2010

~The love of family and friend's is life's greatest blessing~

A picture that is black and white with my brother and sister with a painted boarder effect to it!

My sister and I with the same boarder with sepia effect to it!!!

My husband and I in a black and white layout with a oval trim to it!!!!
My family with a bubble effect to it!!!!!

July 4th 2010

This was taken for Matt's grandmother that turned 90 yr. old!!!!

Sweet in-laws;)
Brother in law and his sweet girlfriend

Matt and I 2 yr. anniversary and many more!!!!I love sunsets!!!!
Another sunset laying down!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some of my work.....

Just recently I had a chance to be apart of a wounderful celebration of a sweet child name Magdalena that has gone to be with Lord that changed my life and is still changing others day by day. This event was a non profit that benifited Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children. It was a great turnout and a success!!! Way to go Julie;)

A new start in life....

What comes to your mind when you are relaxing in your most peaceful place.....Well for me, its spending time on any beach and hearing the sounds that God has uniquely created each and every day!!!! Wow, my breath is taken when I see the most beautiful sunsets every evening and the sea shells that are created by him. It's indescribable to others when I talk to anyone about the awesome sunset’s God has created. So with my love of taking pictures I chose to come up with "Toes-N-The Sand" as my photography business. Enjoy the blog, and tell me what you think....